Hi! I’m Caitlin,

As someone who wears clothes often, I thoroughly enjoy piecing together patterns, prints and textures to create outfits that scream style! No, seriously. They talk all the time. Who would have known that pieces of material could have so much personality!

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, luckily so is my sense of style. No more ‘Juicy Couture’ tracksuits, Phew! *wipes forehead with handkerchief*

Experimenting with styles and clothing pieces that are suited to your taste is something that anyone and everyone can do. You could leave the house in a pair of slippers and soon enough you’ll see it on the runway; look at you, you little trendsetter!

It’s also worth noting that you don’t need Taylor Swift’s wallet to look stylish, I find that Kmart performs exceptionally well in providing runway-worthy clothes.

There is no limit on the many ways you can style multi-coloured pieces of fabric, it’s all about finding your sense of self in whatever you’ve created. I’ve always said that an outfit is like a work of art… actually, ‘always’ may have been a slight exaggeration, I only ever said that once… just then. But nevertheless, you do you and you will SLAY!

Now that I’ve gotten the ‘introduction’ out of the way, when do I meet the parents? Too soon? Well how about you procrastinate a little longer and check out what I’ve pieced together on this wonderful attempt at a blog!

Take care,

Caitlin X